Top best Smartphones in 2018

Do you need a list of the best smartphones of 2018? Are you about to buy a phone right now and you are looking for the best of the best? Well, we got you covered. 2018 saw top smartphone manufacturers go head to head with their best flagship releases and we expect 2019 to be a more competitive year.

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Do you need a list of the best smartphones of 2018? Are you about to buy a phone right now and you are looking for the best of the best? Well, we got you covered. 
2018 saw top smartphone manufacturers go head to head with their best flagship releases and we expect 2019 to be a more competitive year. Also, new  manufacturers came into the market with phones under $100 which is great news for those who can’t afford the heavy price tag on Samsung and iPhone. 

When you're looking for the best smartphone to buy, you need to consider some certain things such as the screen size, the battery life, the camera quality, the design, the speed, and other relevant factors. The bottom line is Value! How much will it cost you to buy your dream phone?
Are you willing to buy a new phone but don't know the ones that will offer you the maximum value for your hard-earned money? 
Are you eager to know the top best smartphones in 2018?
Would you like to discover the best-selling smartphone in 2018?

In this article, we are going to talk about the Top 10 best smartphones in 2018 and we are also going to give you some insight into their amazing features. We will also list the prices so that you can match it with your budget if you decide to settle on any model in our list. 



Date Released: April 2018
Price on Amazon: $291
Moto G6 Plus was launched back in April 2018. The phone has a 5.93-inch display, a 2.2GHz octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, 12-megapixel primary camera, 5 megapixels secondary camera, and an 8-megapixel front shooter which is used for selfies 
The device comes with a 3200maH battery. It is a Dual SIM smartphone, which supports both 3G and 4G network. 
The Motorola G6 Plus is a perfect fit for those looking for a brand new phone that is relatively cheap and effective. 
The 5.93 inch LCD display is quite good for gaming and watching videos. The dual-camera is one of the best you can get on a smartphone around this price. The Snapdragon 630 chip works flawlessly and the camera too is fine.

Date Released: February 2018
Price on Amazon: $391
Nokia is gradually coming back to its leading position in the smartphone market with the varieties of products it's releasing recently, and this includes Nokia 7 Plus. The device has generated a lot of sales since its release. 
The Nokia 7 Plus is a midrange smartphone, which uses a smooth ceramic backing rather than the glass-and-aluminium phones widely used by other smartphone providers. This is one of the factors that enlisted the phone among the best phones in 2018. 
Some powerful features of the device are the 6.0 display size, 13 megapixels camera, 4GB of RAM, 3800 mAh battery, 4G enabled, Android 8.1 OS, fast charge technology, Qualcomm SDM660 Snapdragon 660, dual (hybrid) SIM, Dual-band WiFi, OTG Support, and the host of others. 
Don't stop reading yet, you are yet to see all the best smartphones in 2018.

#8 HTC U12+
Date Released: May 2018
Price on Amazon: $799
Are you a smartphone user with little or no concern for recent display trends? If yes, the HTC U12+ might be your perfect fit. It is packed with plenty of power with a minimal design. The device is 18:9 tall and has four cameras (two on the front and two on the rear), 6-inch screen display, a 2.8GHz octa-core processor, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, 3500mAh non-removable battery, Water & Dust resistance, facial recognition, and a fingerprint security scanner. It runs on Android 8.0 OS, and it supports both 3G and 4G network. 

#7 Sony Xperia XZ3
Date Released: August 2018
Price on Amazon: $716
The list of top best smartphones in 2018 will be shallow if this great device is not included. The Sony Xperia XZ3 has a beautiful and elegant screen because it uses the same technology used to on Sony televisions, making it the best phone for viewing high-quality contents. 
On the plus side, the design on Sony Xperia XZ3 is top notch; it has a curved edge and a glossy back which makes it more beautiful and attractive. The 19 megapixels rear camera helps you to capture wonderful events. With these amazing features, the device was able to make it to the list of ten top best smartphones in 2018

Date Released: October 2018
Price on Amazon: $949
LG has never ceased in producing great phones and its LG V40 THINQ is also one of the successful products. While Huawei was the first to introduce a phone with three rare cameras, LG went the extra mile by launching a phone with a whopping 5 cameras; three are located on the back and the other two on the front.
The new LG V40 ThinQ has everything an average phone user will want in a phone such as 3 rear cameras, dual front-facing camera, shock resistant, a massive screen, 3,300mAh battery, and wireless charging. 

Date Released: September 2018
Price on Amazon: $1,375
The main reason why Apple iPhone XS MAX/XS made it to the list of top best smartphones in 2018 is that of its massive display, speed, smart design, smoothness, strong security, and breathtaking camera.
The phone is an upgrade of some of the existing Apple iPhones, some of those upgrades are:
- It supports two mobile numbers. A regular sim and a second eSim
- The glass of the phone is a bit stronger than that of iPhone X
The camera is super clean and the display is cool for watching your favourite movies and playing your favourite games. As for the speakers, you can undoubtedly say that they are of the best quality.
More features like the "Animoji and Memoji apps" which allows you to use facial recognition to animate emojis with your face makes this phone more fun than others on our list. 
Now let's unleash the top four best smartphones in 2018!!!

Date Released: October 2018
Price on Amazon: $890
Any list highlighting the top best smartphones in 2018 without referencing the Google Pixel 3 XL is crappy (sorry to say) because the device is one of the best phones ever made. 
The Android phone is just too simple: speaking of the hardware, it is efficiently designed, how about the software? Outstanding! The camera as well is super clean and beautiful. 
If you are the type that measures a phone's ability by the level of its specs you may be missing out something big. The phone is 3x better than most of the phones paraded with high specs.
You don't need to be a pro to operate the Pixel 3 XL, the OS (Android 9 Pie) runs smoothly and is easy to use, no lagging or freezing. The device is super fast in carrying out its operations, whether you are watching your favourite video, downloading files on the internet, watching videos on YouTube, or playing a game on your phone, you have nothing to worry about.
Some of the biggest selling points are its Amazing photo quality, quality sound speakers, simple and easy to use software, wireless charging, frequent software updates, among others. 
The Pixel X3 has grown to become one of the best phones competing with bigger brands like Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market.
The Google Pixel 3 XL has a series of unique features which makes it be outstanding in the market, some of which are: single rear megapixel camera, superfast Snapdragon 845 processor, huge 4GB of RAM, dual front-facing cameras, IP68 dust, and water resistance. The Pixel 3 has two varieties; the main difference between the two is the battery capacity and the display size. The bigger Pixel 3 has a 6.3-inch display and a 3430 mAh battery, while the smaller version has a 5.5–inch display and a 2,915 mAh battery. They both run on Android 9.0 Pie.
One of the things that enlisted Pixel X3 as one of the top best smartphones in 2018 is its camera; it can autofocus when capturing an object on the motion. It also has a second inner camera which makes it easier to take wider and taller selfies without having to use a selfie stick. 
On this smartphone, is another big feature called “Digital Webelling App” – it helps you track the amount of time spent on certain applications and allows you to set a limit. Once you exceed the limit, the app icon will go grey and you will not be able to access it at that point in time. What a way to save time!
If you want a phone with higher quality display, powerful design, impressive camera, and fair battery capacity, Google Pixel 3 XL could be the best option for you!
We are almost there! - Still on the top best smartphones in 2018

Date Released: March 2018
Price on Amazon: $689
The Huawei P20 Pro is chosen as one of the best Android phones of 2018 because of the unique feature that got people demanding for it. The phone features a triple-camera with 68 megapixels on the back. With this, You'll be able to get 300% optical zoom and 500% hybrid zoom that captures a whole lot of events in a jiffy.
Is that the only distinctive feature of Huawei P20 Pro? Absolutely No! The phone is also packed with a massive 4,000 mAh battery which allows you to operate your phone without the fear of running out of battery; you can easily text your friends, chat on social networks, play your favourite songs, watch your favourite movies, and the likes.
Some other cool features of Huawei P2 Pro is a powerful Kirin 970 processor with integrated AI, dust and water resistance, Large 6.1 inch OLED, and lots more. 
Guess the device topping the list of top best smartphones in 2018! 
Is it Samsung? Is it Apple? Is it LG? Is it Nokia? Just keep reading! 

Date Released: October 2018
Price on Amazon: $649
OnePlus 6T is one of the fully featured smartphones sold at a cheaper price compared to its competitors. It possesses all the features that the bigger brands (such as Apple and Samsung)  are charging huge amount of money for, features like - fingerprint scanner, quality camera, super fast charging, fast processor, elegant display, facial recognition, elongated battery life, all at a very cheap price. Despite the fact that OnePlus 6T is an Android phone, it can perform the same functions with a Galaxy S9 with no hassle.
The display is superb, the design is very sleek and beautiful, the speaker is top notch, it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, water and dust resistance, a whopping battery capacity of 3,700 mAh, runs the latest version of OxygenOS,  and excellent cellular network.
You can rarely find a phone with these great features at a cheaper price in the market, and it is one of the top best smartphones in 2018
And the winner is.......... 

Date Released: February 2018
Price on Amazon: $600
The Beast - Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched in early 2018. It evolves in the Galaxy S Series and it is very near to perfection that anyone can expect for a smartphone presently. 
The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the top best smartphones in 2018 cameras so far, it has a standard dual camera which allows you to take quality pictures at any time of the day. Only a few smartphone cameras can compete with that of this smartphone.
When it comes to elegant display, the Samsung S9 is second to none; it has a very sharp, clean, minimalistic, bright, and colourful display. In fact, the display is similar to the one you get on Samsung TVs, Apple, and Google phones.
That’s not all! The Samsung S9 also comes with a whopping 6GB of RAM, super fast charging technology, Snapdragon 845 (the fastest Qualcomm mobile processor), Type-C standard port, water resistance, strong cellular signal, among others. 
If you're willing to buy a top-tier Android phone, Samsung S9 is your best bet. As of today, the Samsung S9 is rocking is leading other phones in the Android market.
With no doubt, the Samsung S9 deserves the number #1 spot on the list of Top best smartphones in 2018…


Now that you have discovered the top best smartphones in 2018, which one would you pick as your favourite? 

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