iPhone 7plus user reviews

Searching for iphone 7 plus user review? you're in the right place. The iphone 7 plus has been released for a while now, and people have rushed it.

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Searching for iphone 7 plus user review? you're in the right place. The iphone 7 plus has been released for a while now,  and people have rushed it. Some users have given positive reviews about the iphone while others have simply rubbished the iphone.  Either way, it does not stop the fact that iphones are just the coolest smartphones to use 
 We are conversant with the previous iphone versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and now there is an iphone 7, 8 and X (which is the roman numeral for 10). I know you might be asking yourself "what about the iphone 9?" Well, it was probably skipped to make the trend classy. You understand, right?  but we are not interested in those models. 
Our main concern is iphone 7 plus and we will be having some users reviews. Before that, let us look at some of the special features and specifications of iphone 7 plus before we go into the users reviews.
 Iphone 7 plus user reviews ( features and specs ). 
Many articipated the release of the iphone 7; few weeks later, apple released the iphone 7 plus. It is a much better improved version of the latter. With improvements like battery and camera, the iphone 7 plus can be said to be one hell of a smartphone. 
Like you must have guessed, bigger phones have better battery life and this is no different from the iphone 7 plus. are some of the cool features of the iphone 7 plus:
Weight: 188g
Dimension : 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3mm
OS : iOS 10
Screen size : 5.5 inch 
Resolution : 1080 & 1920
CPU : Apple A10 fusion
Storage : 32/128/256 GB
Battery : 2900MAh
Rear camera : 12MP
Selfie camera : 7MP
Iphone 7 plus offers the same metallic casing as the iphone 6s but with a better camera, processor and improve battery life. Just like the iphone 7, the iphone 7 plus is also water resistant and can be used to take selfies underwater.

Iphone 7 plus user reviews

Based on what we have heard from users of the iphone 7 plus, this is a more sophisticated phone with amazing features. 
Although some users complain that it was below their expectations, they still gave it a positive revie.
 Another user of the iphone 7 plus fell into a swimming pool with the iphone in his pocket he was already thinking of the cost to repair it until he saw the phone wasn't armed at all.
 There is this saying that was trending on the internet some weeks ago. It goes like this "nokia falls, ground breaks. Tecno falls, screen breaks. Samsung falls, phone explodes. Iphone falls, owner dies". Funny, right? But that saying is for the old iphone models. 
This all-new iPhone 7 plus is fully packed with a very strong screen. It can't be easily broken by just a drop. One thing we also enjoyed most from iphones is the camera. 
To be honest, the main reason why most people buy iphone is because of the camera and the processor. This iphone 7 plus has rear camera of 12 MP and the selfie camera of 7MP. Despite this, the camera is still very sharp due to the extra focus apple added to it. You can see the iphone 7 plus could even be used for a photoshoot. 
Another iphone 7 plus user review was that the iphone 7 plus was more than the iphone 7. The RAM and the battery life improved. Enter 7 plus 3GB RAM which makes all operations on your phone faster with very little stress. Some phones with lesser RAM often hang when too many apps are used at the same time.
With the Iphone 7 plus, you can use many apps at the same time and still perform all your activities excellently without any discomfort. 
One thing most users described as their favorite feature is the Bluetooth headphones accompanied with the iPhone. 
If you are the type that finds it difficult to charge your phone while listening your favorite songs, then this is your kind of phone. This phone is fully packed with some features never seen in other phones. The Bluetooth headphones is one particular thing that is out of this world. 
Like that isn't enough,  another feature we saw on the iPhone is the IP67 rating. In other words,  it means the iPhone 7 plus is both dust proof and water resistant. Cool! A video posted shows that you can use the phone for up to half an hour at a dept of one meter in freshwater. 
In summary, the iPhone 7 plus is one of the best phones of this era. Battery is good,  camera sharp, water and dust reaistant, processor is strong and it also comes with its own Bluetooth headphones. 
Based on this iPhone 7 plus users review, you know this is one cool phone you can't miss out on. 

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